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Improve your flying: Receive aviation accident reports that are relevant to you.

Are you overwhelmed with too many reports? For example, are you only interested in incidents with small aircraft? Or only in gliding?
Then you are exactly right here.

Receive only the reports that are relevant to you.

Filtering included

Save time

With exactly one click you will get to the desired report.

Broaden your horizon

Receive reports from multiple countries (Germany/Switzerland/Austria) without additional effort.

AeroInside SafetyScan sends you suitable emails when new accident reports appear.

Available categories

Light aircraft (< 5.7t, motorized)

Large aircraft (> 5.7t, motorized)




Drones (UAV)

Available countries

Australia (ATSB)

Canada (TSB)

United Kingdom (AAIB)

United States (NTSB)

Germany (BFU)

Switzerland (SUST)

Austria (SUB)

All details at a glance

Key data points

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Can I unsubscribe or change my selection at any time?

Yes, you can unsubscribe or adjust your selection at any time with one click.


Is this an official offer?

No, AeroInside SafetyScan uses public data but is not a regulatory offering of the available countries or agencies.


Could AeroInside SafetyScan be extended or customized?

Yes, please contact me via email at safetyscan@aeroinside.com.

More precise subscription criteria desired?

I am currently collecting ideas on how AeroInside SafetyScan could be further developed for flight operations, flight schools, for clubs and for manufacturers of aircraft and engines.

Are you interested?

Send me a short e-mail to safetyscan@aeroinside.com

Feedback welcome

I am always available for questions and suggestions.


Fabian Rahm

Owner AeroInside
Glider pilot

AeroInside SafetyScan is an offer of Tiny Ventures GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland.
Owner: Fabian Rahm