AeroInside SafetyScan Pro

We will notify you when relevant aircraft accident reports are published for your organization.

Do you spend a lot of time researching and analyzing flight accident reports to find out if they are relevant to your organization?
Do more with AeroInside SafetyScan Pro.

Power search

Apply advanced filtering, plus save your searches

Follow occurrences

Track open investigations and get notified of updates

Quickly See Safety Guidance

Recommendations are directly linked in the occurrence view

Growing coverage

Canada (TSB), UK (AAIB), USA (NTSB), Australia (ATSB), France (BEA), Germany (BFU), Switzerland (STSB) and Austria (SUB). More to come.

Save time

One click takes you to your preferred report

Go Pro for easy access just the way you want it!


Authorized people on your team are given web access to find and read accidents and reports.


In addition, you can configure an e-mail subscription to be informed immediately when new suitable reports are published. These e-mails contain all the relevant details already prepared for you.


We provide a newsfeed that you can embed into your existing intranet with little effort.

Special requests

Do you need a direct interface for your existing system? Tell us your ideas and we will find a solution.

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Want to know what’s happening now?
AeroInside SafetyScan Pro notifies you of new accident reports immediately.

Flight Operations

Monitor your fleet by type and update your safety measures

Maintenance and Repair Shops

Keep up on accident reports for aircraft types you service

Flight Schools

Supplement your training with details of current cases

Aircraft Manufacturers

Know when your aircraft is involved in an incident or accident

Engine Manufacturers

See if your engine model is involved in an incident or accident

Aviation Clubs

Increase flight safety by distributing reports relevant to your fleet

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AeroInside SafetyScan Pro is an offer from Tiny Ventures GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland.
Owner: Fabian Rahm