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Airport name Municipality ICAO Code IATA Code
Commonwealth Health Center Heliport Garapan C21
Coral Ocean Point Pro-Shop Heliport Koblerville HI63
Dynasty Heliport San Jose, Tinian 0TT8
Francisco C. Ada Saipan International Airport Saipan Island PGSN SPN
Gualo Ral Heliport Gualo Ral TT04
Nikko Heliport San Roque TT03
Pagan Airstrip Shomu-Shon TT01
Rota International Airport Rota Island PGRO ROP
Tinian Heliport San Jose, Tinian HI22
Tinian International Airport Tinian Island PGWT TIQ
Tinian Star Heliport San Jose Tinian HI64