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Airport name Municipality ICAO Code IATA Code
Alphonse Airport Alphonse Island FSAL
Assumption Island Airport Assumption Island FSAS
Bird Island Airport Bird Island FSSB BDI
Coetivy Airport Coetivy Island FSSC
Darros Airport Darros Island FSDA
Denis Island Airport Denis Island FSSD DEI
Desroches Airport Desroches Island FSDR DES
Farquhar Airport Farquhar Group FSFA
Frégate Island Airport Frégate Island FSSF FRK
Marie-Louise Airport Marie-Louise Island FSMA
Platte Airport Platte Island FSPL
Praslin Airport Praslin Island FSPP PRI
Praslin Island Airport Praslin Island SC-0001 PRI
Praslin Island Airport Praslin Island SC-0002 PRI
Remire Island Airport Remire Island FSSR
Seychelles International Airport Mahe Island FSIA SEZ