Lufthansa Cargo MD11 at Shanghai on Nov 6th 2016, fuel emergency forces landing below weather minima

Last Update: April 3, 2017 / 20:20:16 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Nov 6, 2016


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

A Lufthansa Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11, registration D-ALCM performing flight GEC-8408 (dep Nov 5th) from Novosibirsk (Russia) to Shanghai Pudong (China), was on final approach to Pudong's runway 34R at 02:23L (18:23Z Nov 5th) when the crew went around when they could not establish visual contact with the runway at minimums. The aircraft positioned for another approach to runway 35R, but went around a second time from minimums at 02:40L (18:40Z) about 17 minutes after the first go-around. The aircraft entered a hold at 900 meters (2900 feet), then positioned for a third approach to Pudong's runway 35R and touched down at 03:15L (19:15Z) about 52 minutes after the first go around. The aircraft rolled out without incident and taxied to the apron.

China's CAAC reported in a safety bulletin, that low visibility procedures were in effect due to fog. RVR for runway 34R at 02:24L was 1500 meters, RVR for runway 35R at 02:41L was 175 meters and below CAT II minima. Air Traffic Control recommended to divert to Shanghai's Hongqiao Airport about 24nm west of Pudong Airport, the crew declined however reporting they were low on fuel with 30 minutes remaining. The crew instead decided to attempt another approach to Pudong's runway 35R, at that time RVR was 200 meters, the controllers reminded the crew the weather conditions were still below minimum conditions required for the approach. The crew performed an emergency landing at 03:16L and rolled out safely with 1.6 tons of fuel, about 15-20 minutes endurance remaining.

On Apr 3rd 2017 Germany's BFU reported in their November Bulletin (erroneously stating the aircraft landed on Nov 5th 2016 03:16L) that the airport was covered in fog causing a number of missed approaches. The crew declared emergency due to low fuel and performed another ILS CAT II approach to Pudong's runway 35R and landed. Following landing about 2.0 tons of fuel were remaining on board, the required minimum fuel reserve was 3.3 tons. The BFU have accredited a representative to the investigation of China's CAAC.

The occurrence aircraft was involved in another landing below minimum fuel reserve on Jun 5th 2016 in Mexico, see Incident: Lufthansa Cargo MD11 at Mexico City and Acapulco on Jun 5th 2016, landed below final fuel reserve and dropped a nose wheel in Argentina on Nov 10th 2016, see Accident: Lufthansa Cargo MD11 at Buenos Aires on Nov 10th 2016, dropped left nose wheel upon touchdown.

Metars Pudong:
ZSPD 052330Z 04002MPS 0100 R35R/0225N R34L/0150N R35L/0225N R34R/0225N FG VV001 16/16 Q1020 NOSIG
ZSPD 052300Z 05002MPS 0100 R35R/0175N R34L/0175N R35L/0200N R34R/0200N FG VV001 16/16 Q1019 BECMG TL0030 0400 FG
ZSPD 052230Z 05002MPS 0100 R35R/0175N R34L/0125N R35L/0200N R34R/0175N FG VV001 16/16 Q1019 NOSIG
ZSPD 052200Z VRB01MPS 0100 R35R/0225N R34L/0150N R35L/0225N R34R/0300N FG VV001 16/16 Q1018 BECMG TL2330 0350 FG
ZSPD 052130Z 04002MPS 0100 R35R/0225N R34L/0200N R35L/0250N R34R/0375N FG VV001 16/16 Q1018 NOSIG
ZSPD 052100Z 06001MPS 0100 R35R/0175N R34L/0175N R35L/0200N R34R/0300N FG VV001 16/16 Q1018 BECMG TL2250 0350 FG
ZSPD 052030Z 07002MPS 0100 R35R/0200N R34L/0125N R35L/0250N R34R/0200N FG VV001 15/15 Q1017 NOSIG
ZSPD 052000Z 06002MPS 0100 R35R/0325N R34L/0150N R35L/0275N R34R/0275N FG VV001 15/15 Q1017 BECMG TL2130 0350 FG
ZSPD 051930Z 06002MPS 0100 R35R/0275D R34L/0150N R35L/0300V0400N R34R/0250N FG VV001 15/15 Q1017 BECMG TL2100 0350
ZSPD 051900Z 07002MPS 0900 R35R/0175N R34L/0125N R35L/0175V0250N R34R/0250D FG NSC 15/15 Q1017 BECMG TL2020 0600
ZSPD 051830Z 09002MPS 4000 R35R/1300VP2000U R34L/0150D R35L/P2000 R34R/0175D PRFG BR NSC 15/15 Q1017 NOSIG
ZSPD 051800Z 05002MPS 330V120 4000 R35R/P2000 R34L/0550V1900U R35L/P2000 R34R/P2000 PRFG BR NSC 16/15 Q1017 BECMG TL1930 2000
ZSPD 051730Z VRB01MPS 4000 PRFG BR NSC 15/15 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSPD 051700Z VRB01MPS 4000 BR NSC 13/12 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSPD 051630Z 13002MPS 070V180 5000 BR NSC 16/15 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSPD 051600Z VRB01MPS 5000 BR NSC 15/14 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSPD 051530Z VRB01MPS 5000 BR NSC 15/15 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSPD 051500Z 19001MPS 5000 BR NSC 14/14 Q1016 NOSIG

Metars Hongqiao Airport:
ZSSS 052330Z 01001MPS 3000 BR NSC 16/15 Q1019 NOSIG
ZSSS 052300Z VRB01MPS 3000 BR NSC 15/14 Q1019 NOSIG
ZSSS 052230Z 36001MPS 3000 BR NSC 14/13 Q1018 NOSIG
ZSSS 052200Z 01001MPS 2500 BR NSC 14/13 Q1018 BECMG TL2330 3000 BR
ZSSS 052130Z VRB01MPS 3500 BR NSC 14/13 Q1018 NOSIG
ZSSS 052100Z 35001MPS 3500 BR NSC 14/13 Q1017 NOSIG
ZSSS 052030Z 36002MPS 3500 BR NSC 14/13 Q1017 NOSIG
ZSSS 052000Z 36002MPS 2800 BR NSC 14/14 Q1017 BECMG TL2130 1200
ZSSS 051930Z 36002MPS 2800 BR NSC 14/13 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSSS 051900Z 00000MPS 4000 BR NSC 15/13 Q1016 BECMG TL2000 2800 BR
ZSSS 051830Z 00000MPS 4000 BR NSC 14/13 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSSS 051800Z 00000MPS 4000 BR NSC 15/13 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSSS 051730Z 03001MPS 4000 BR NSC 15/14 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSSS 051700Z 00000MPS 4500 BR NSC 15/14 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSSS 051630Z 00000MPS 5000 BR NSC 16/14 Q1016 NOSIG
ZSSS 051600Z VRB01MPS 5000 BR NSC 16/14 Q1015 NOSIG
ZSSS 051530Z VRB01MPS 6000 NSC 17/14 Q1015 NOSIG
ZSSS 051500Z 16001MPS 6000 NSC 16/14 Q1015 NOSIG
Incident Facts

Date of incident
Nov 6, 2016


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

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