US Airways A319 near Denver on Apr 14th 2012, severe turbulence injures 4

Last Update: March 10, 2018 / 16:37:55 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Apr 14, 2012

US Airways

Flight number

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Type
Airbus A319

ICAO Type Designator

A US Airways Airbus A319-100, registration N808AW performing flight US-496 from Phoenix,AZ to Denver,CO (USA) with 93 passengers and 5 crew, was on approach to Denver descending from FL390 through FL330 when the aircraft encountered severe turbulence. The crew subsequently reported two flight attendants had been injured and declared medical emergency requesting paramedics at the gate. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 35L about 17 minutes after the turbulence encounter and 10 minutes after requesting medical services and after several ATIS updates. The aircraft taxied to the gate, where medical services had not yet arrived about 15 minutes after the request. One flight attendant received serious injuries (fractures), one flight attendant and two passengers minor injuries, the aircraft sustained minor damage to the interior of the cabin (cracks in cabin ceiling).

The airline reported the aircraft encountered extreme turbulence. While one flight attendant remains in hospital care (standing Tuesday Apr 17th), the other flight attendant and both passengers were released from hospital on Monday (Apr 16th).

The NTSB opened an investigation.

On Nov 14th 2013 (19 months after the occurrence) the NTSB released a brief preliminary report stating the aircraft encountered severe mountain wave activity at FL320 near Buena Vista,CO. Two flight attendants received serious, one passenger minor injuries.

On Mar 10th 2018 (!) the NTSB released their very brief final report concluding the probable cause of the accident was:

an inadvertent encounter with mountain wave turbulence

KDEN 150653Z 32009KT 1 1/2SM -RA BR BKN002 BKN013 OVC039 04/02 A2954
KDEN 150641Z 32009KT 1 1/2SM -RA BR BKN004 BKN025 03/02 A2954 RMK AO2 SNE31 P0002
KDEN 150636Z 31012KT 2SM -RA BR FEW006 SCT016 OVC040 04/02 A2954 RMK AO2 SNE31 P0002
KDEN 150622Z 33007KT 7SM -SNRA BR FEW006 SCT025 OVC038 03/02 A2954 RMK AO2 P0002
KDEN 150605Z 33010KT 2 1/2SM -SNRA BKN008 OVC018 03/01 A2954 RMK AO2 VIS NW-NE 1 P0002
KDEN 150556Z 35013KT 1 1/2SM -RASN BKN008 OVC018 03/02 A2955 RMK AO2 VIS NW-NE 1 P0001
KDEN 150553Z 34014KT 1 1/2SM -RASN SCT008 OVC018 03/02 A2955 RMK AO2 SNB41 SLP970 VIS NW-NE 1 P0007 60017 T00330017 10106 20033 56007
KDEN 150542Z 33014KT 2 1/2SM -RASN FEW008 BKN020 OVC027 04/03 A2955 RMK AO2 SNB41 P0003
KDEN 150453Z 31011KT 8SM -RA FEW009 SCT015 OVC025 04/02 A2956 RMK AO2 SLP976 P0005 T00390017
KDEN 150450Z 32010KT 9SM -RA FEW009 SCT015 OVC025 04/02 A2956 RMK AO2 P0005
KDEN 150435Z 34012KT 7SM -RA SCT014 OVC023 04/02 A2957 RMK AO2 P0003
KDEN 150424Z 35014KT 7SM -RA BKN014 OVC025 04/02 A2957 RMK AO2 P0002
KDEN 150411Z 34009KT 8SM -RA BKN016 OVC031 05/02 A2957 RMK AO2 P0001
Aircraft Registration Data
Registration mark
Country of Registration
United States
Date of Registration
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TCDS Ident. No.
Aircraft Model / Type
Number of Seats
ICAO Aircraft Type
Year of Manufacture
Serial Number
Aircraft Address / Mode S Code (HEX)
Engine Count
Engine Manufacturer
Engine Model
Engine Type
Pounds of Thrust
Main Owner
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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Apr 14, 2012

US Airways

Flight number

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Type
Airbus A319

ICAO Type Designator

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