Toll SW4 at Thangool on Sep 1st 2015, kangaroo strike

Last Update: December 23, 2015 / 12:12:43 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Sep 1, 2015


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A Toll Aviation Swearingen SA-227 Metro III, registration VH-HPE performing freight flight TFX-110 from Brisbane,QL to Thangool,QL (Australia) with 2 crew, landed on Thangool's runway 28 but struck a kangaroo during roll out. There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

On Sep 4th 2015 Australia's TSB reported the aircraft struck a kangaroo in the roll out after landing in Thangool, the aircraft received substantial damage including right hand engine (TPE331) and right hand propeller, the occurrence was rated an accident. An investigation has been opened.

On Dec 22nd 2015 the ATSB released their final report releasing following safety message:

Occurrences involving aircraft striking wildlife, particularly birds, are the most common occurrences reported to the ATSB. They are a significant economic risk for aerodrome and airline operators as well as a potential safety risk.

The ATSB reported that the pilot performed a left circuit to runway 28, activated the pilot activated runway lights, and touched down at 05:45L just before first light. While slowing through 80 knots he caught a glimpse of an animal crossing from left to right, felt a bang when the animal collided with the right hand propeller, no abnormal engine indications hwoever, and used ground idle instead of beta while slowing the aircraft. A subsequent inspection of the aircraft showed on blade of the right hand propeller was twisted, the engine and propeller were replaced.

The ATSB summarized the statements by airport personnel that there had been no kangaroo strikes on the airport for 28 years. A runway inspection was carried out 20 minutes prior to landing of the Metroliner. However, due to drought conditions the population of kangaroos around the aerodrome had increased in the 6 months prior to the occurrence likely because the animals were seeking feed.
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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Sep 1, 2015


Aircraft Registration

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