American B788 at Beijing on Jul 27th 2015, bird or hail strike

Last Update: July 27, 2015 / 17:05:37 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Jul 27, 2015


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

An American Airlines Boeing 787-800, registration N805AN performing flight AA-88 from Beijing (China) to Dallas Ft. Worth,TX (USA), was climbing out of Beijing when the crew stopped the climb at 8100 meters at about 17:04L (09:04Z). The crew decided to return to Beijing for a safe landing on runway 01 about 45 minutes after departure. A large dent was seen at the radome.

Passenger Wangshiyu0818 reported "poor bird, poor radome".

Chinese Officials reported a bird strike, too.

The airline later reported that the radome was not reshaped by a bird strike but by hail when the aircraft encountered a hail storm while climbing out of Beijing.

ZBAA 271200Z 16005MPS 6000 -TSRA SCT050CB 31/26 Q1001 BECMG AT1240 32010G16MPS TSRA
ZBAA 271130Z 15003MPS 130V190 6000 FEW050CB 32/26 Q1001 BECMG AT1210 32010G16MPS -TSRA
ZBAA 271100Z 15003MPS 6000 FEW050CB 32/25 Q1002 BECMG AT1210 32010G16MPS -TSRA
ZBAA 271030Z 18005MPS 8000 FEW050TCU 32/25 Q1002 BECMG AT1210 -TSRA
ZBAA 271000Z 16003MPS CAVOK 32/25 Q1001 NOSIG
ZBAA 270930Z 19004MPS 160V220 CAVOK 33/24 Q1001 NOSIG
ZBAA 270900Z 21004MPS 170V260 CAVOK 34/23 Q1001 NOSIG
ZBAA 270830Z 17005MPS 150V210 8000 NSC 33/25 Q1002 NOSIG
ZBAA 270800Z 19004MPS 160V220 8000 NSC 33/25 Q1002 NOSIG
ZBAA 270730Z VRB03MPS 8000 NSC 33/25 Q1002 NOSIG
ZBAA 270700Z 16004MPS 8000 NSC 32/25 Q1002 NOSIG
ZBAA 270630Z 16004MPS 120V180 8000 NSC 33/25 Q1003 NOSIG
ZBAA 270600Z 12003MPS 090V170 CAVOK 33/25 Q1003 NOSIG
ZBAA 270530Z 11002MPS 060V160 CAVOK 32/24 Q1004 NOSIG
ZBAA 270500Z 16003MPS 110V190 CAVOK 32/24 Q1004 NOSIG
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United States
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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Jul 27, 2015


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

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