Emirates A388 at Toronto and Ottawa on Jun 1st 2012, precautionary emergency after weather related hold, go-around and diversion

Last Update: June 6, 2012 / 19:59:10 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Jun 1, 2012

Flight number

Toronto, Canada

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Type
Airbus A380-800

ICAO Type Designator

An Emirates Airlines Airbus A380-800, registration A6-EDD performing flight EK-241 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to Toronto,ON (Canada) with 530 people on board, was on approach to Toronto, when the aircraft was instructed to enter a holding due to traffic congestion as result of weather. After holding for about 25 minutes the aircraft was vectored for a final approach to Toronto's runway 15R and was cleared to land on runway 15R, however, the crew needed to go around from about 600 feet AGL due to a wind shear alert, takeoff clearance for another aircraft on 15L was cancelled due to the go-around and a landing clearance on runway 15L was cancelled as well prompting another aircraft to go-around. The crew decided to divert to Ottawa declaring emergency indicating they might need to cut into their final fuel reserve of 30 minutes in case of any delays. The aircraft climbed to FL230 enroute to Ottawa,on approach to Ottawa the crew reported 6.3 tons of fuel/14000 lbs of fuel on board and cancelled their emergency under the condition that they were vectored directly for a RNAV approach to runway 14. The aircraft landed safely on runway 14 about 50 minutes after aborting the approach in Toronto with more fuel than final reserve remaining and after coming to a stop discovered they needed to backtrack the runway all the way long to be able to turn off to the apron causing another approach to Ottawa to be delayed.

Weather conditions at Toronto Airport were difficult throughout Jun 1st, tower reported winds from 110 degrees around 30 knots gusting up to 40 knots and there were multiple wind shear alerts, also instructing a number of arrivals to go around due to oncoming strong gusts. As a result, a number of aircraft involving domestic and international arrivals needed to declare minimum fuel.

The Aviation Herald would normally not report this occurrence as it is basically a weather related diversion and the crew remained on the safe course of action at all times declaring emergency as a precaution only to avoid any delays during their diversion and to avoid of getting into fuel trouble indeed as result of such delays. However, due to widespread media reports suggesting the aircraft nearly crashed, ran out fuel or landed at 5000 lbs of fuel remaining below final fuel reserve The Aviation Herald decided to cover this flight.

On Jun 6th the Canadian TSB confirmed the aircraft landed above final fuel reserve. While on final approach to runway 15R a windshear warning activated prompting the crew to go around and divert to Ottawa. The crew determined there was potential for a low fuel state and declared Mayday in compliance with their airline's standard operating procedures. Having been provided with direct vectors to the runway the crew assessed their fuel would remain above final reserve and downgraded their Mayday to PAN. Fuel calculations by the crew after landing confirmed the aircraft had landed with more fuel than required as final reserve.

Metars Toronto:
CYYZ 012341Z 10019G26KT 4SM -RA BR OVC005 14/ RERA RMK SF8
CYYZ 012317Z 09015G28KT 4SM -RA BR OVC004 13/ RERA RMK SF8
CYYZ 012300Z 10022G27KT 2 1/2SM +RA BR OVC004 13/13 A2953 RMK SF8 SLP003
CYYZ 012200Z 10022G29KT 2 1/4SM +RA BR OVC005 13/13 A2956 RMK NS8 SLP013
CYYZ 012125Z 09018G32KT 5SM -RA OVC004 13/ RMK SF8
CYYZ 012100Z 10023G30KT 15SM OVC004 13/12 A2961 RERA RMK SF8 SLP028
CYYZ 012053Z 09018G30KT 15SM OVC004 13/ RERA RMK SF8
CYYZ 012022Z 10017G26KT 6SM +SHRA OVC005 13/ RMK SF8
CYYZ 012000Z 09017G25KT 12SM VCSH OVC007 13/12 A2964 RMK SF8 SLP040
CYYZ 011951Z 10015G26KT 15SM OVC006 13/ RMK SF8

Metars Ottawa:
CYOW 020100Z 07014G19KT 8SM -RA OVC058 12/10 A2982 RMK SC8
CYOW 020000Z 06011G17KT 5SM -RA BKN061 OVC095 12/10 A2986 RMK SC5AS3 SLP113
CYOW 012300Z 08007KT 10SM -RA OVC058 13/10 A2990 RMK SC8 SLP127
CYOW 012200Z 06008KT 15SM -RA SCT050 OVC095 13/10 A2992 RMK SC3AS5 SLP133
CYOW 012100Z 07011KT 15SM -RA FEW060 OVC090 13/09 A2993 RMK SC2AS6 SLP137
CYOW 012000Z 06009KT 12SM -RA SCT065 OVC080 13/10 A2996 RMK SC3AS5 SLP149
CYOW 011900Z 06009KT 15SM -RA SCT065 OVC095 14/08 A2998 RMK SC4AS4 SLP156
Incident Facts

Date of incident
Jun 1, 2012

Flight number

Toronto, Canada

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Type
Airbus A380-800

ICAO Type Designator

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