Contract Air Cargo CVLP at Guatemala City on May 11th 2012, nose gear collapse, propeller penetrated fuselage

Last Update: April 15, 2020 / 16:48:49 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
May 11, 2012

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

N171FL on its nose (Photo: Municipial Fire Service)A Contract Air Cargo (subsidiary of IFL Group) Convair CV-580, registration N171FL performing freight flight TSU-8138 from Miami,FL (USA) to Guatemala City (Guatemala) with 2 crew, landed on Guatamala City's runway 19 at 12:05L (18:05Z) when after touch down the nose gear bent backwards and collapsed. The left hand propeller contacted the runway, sheared off and penetrated the fuselage before the aircraft came to a stop. No injuries occurred, the aircraft received substantial damage.

Guatemala's DGAC released their final report in Spanish only dated Aug 10th 2017 (Editorial note: to serve the purpose of global prevention of the repeat of causes leading to an occurrence an additional timely release of all occurrence reports in the only world spanning aviation language English would be necessary, a Spanish only release does not achieve this purpose as set by ICAO annex 13 and just forces many aviators to waste much more time and effort each in trying to understand the circumstances leading to the occurrence. Aviators operating internationally are required to read/speak English besides their local language, investigators need to be able to read/write/speak English to communicate with their counterparts all around the globe).

The report concludes the probable causes of the accident were:

The aircraft made its approach at a speed higher than provided by the flight manual procedures, verified by the reading in the CVR. The captain and first officer communicated about it but did not reduce or try to reduce the approach speed until too late. The aircraft bounced with the main gear, the nose gear jumped several times on the runway.

Taking into account the operational deficiencies by the crew, the accident is considered to be of operational type.

The DGAC reported the aircraft performed a cargo flight between Miami and Guatemala City. It was cleared to land on Guatemala City's runway 19 but received fractures to its nose gear on landing, the nose slided over the runway causing damage to the propellers and engines.

The aircraft had accumulated 42,431 operating hours in 29,707 flight cycles.

The DGAC analysed the report was prepared through photographs and interviews with observers as well as the documentation of the aircraft supplied by operator, library of the DGAC, manufacturer of the aircraft as well as flight crew operating manual and technical manual of the aircraft.

The DGAC analysed that after touchdown on runway 19 the nose gear made several jumps with the nose gear which did not withstand the repetitive forces and collapsed. The weather conditions were favourable and did not contribute to the accident, the navigation aids were all functional and did not contribute to the accident, communication facilities as well as airport facilities including the runway did not contribute to the accident.

MGGT 112000Z 18012KT 8000 FEW020TCU FEW024CB 26/17 Q1022 A3018 VIS HZ CB NE TCU ENE=
MGGT 111900Z 18010KT 8000 BKN020 25/17 Q1022 A3018 HZ FEW080=
MGGT 111800Z 18010KT 7000 BKN020 24/16 Q1023 A3021 HZ=
MGGT 111700Z 18008KT 7000 SCT020TCU FEW025CB 25/17 Q1023 A3021 HZ CB SSW TCU NE/E/NNW=
MGGT 111600Z 18006KT 6000 SCT020TCU 23/16 Q1023 A3021 HZ TCU E/ESE=
MGGT 111500Z 18004KT 6000 SCT014 23/17 Q1023 A3021 HZ=
MGGT 111400Z 36004KT 5000 HZ SCT014 20/16 Q1023 A3021=

The left hand propeller separated (Photo: DGAC):

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Registration mark
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United States
Date of Registration
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ICAO Aircraft Type
Year of Manufacture
Serial Number
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Incident Facts

Date of incident
May 11, 2012

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

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