Citilink B733 at Padang on Apr 5th 2013, runway excursion

Last Update: July 17, 2013 / 16:27:48 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Apr 5, 2013


Aircraft Type
Boeing 737-300

ICAO Type Designator

A Citilink Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-300, flight QG-970 from Jakarta to Padang (Indonesia) with 135 passengers, landed on Padang's runway 33 at 21:10L (14:10Z) but veered right, took out three runway egde lights before coming to a stop about 2100 meters/6890 feet down the runway (length 2750 meters/8860 feet) with all gear on soft ground, the right hand tyres burst. The passengers disembarked via mobile stairs.

The airport was closed for several hours until the aircraft was towed to the apron.

The airline said the aircraft burst tyres then contacted three runway lights. The aircraft's right hand wheels needed to be replaced.

On Jul 17th 2013 the NTSB reported that Indonesia's NTSC have opened an investigation into the occurrence, that was rated an accident.

WIPT 051600Z VRB03KT 4500 RA BKN018 24/23 Q1012
WIPT 051530Z 05006KT 3000 RA BKN016 24/23 Q1012
WIPT 051500Z 02007KT 3000 RA BKN016 24/23 Q1012
WIPT 051430Z 01006KT 2500 RA SCT016 24/23 Q1011
WIPT 051400Z 01010KT 2500 RA BKN016 24/23 Q1011
WIPT 051330Z 03009KT 3500 RA BKN016 24/23 Q1010
WIPT 051300Z 02010KT 3500 R33/M0050N RA BKN016 25/23 Q1010
WIPT 051230Z 36007KT 2500 R33/M0050N RA BKN016 24/23 Q1009
WIPT 051200Z 35012KT 3000 RA BKN016 25/24 Q1008
WIPT 051130Z 36011KT 320V030 2000 RA BKN016 25/24 Q1007
WIPT 051100Z 01012KT 2000 RA BKN016 25/24 Q1007
Incident Facts

Date of incident
Apr 5, 2013


Aircraft Type
Boeing 737-300

ICAO Type Designator

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