Learn How to Find Cheap Student Flights and Prepare for Your Trip

Last Update: June 27, 2024 / 09:41:12 GMT/Zulu time

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Description: Travelling gives students a chance to get out of their comfort zones and learn new skills. As much as it comes with many benefits, it requires some planning and preparation. In this guide, we offer practical tips that can help you find cheap flights, prepare for the trip, and get the best experience.

A Student’s Guide to Affordable Flights and Travel Preparation

While it is exciting to explore other parts of the world, nothing will happen if you stay home. Surely, making international flight bookings may become intimidating. Yet, when you break down the process into steps, it becomes more manageable than you would initially think. So here’s a guide on how to find cheap student flights and prepare for your trip.

Flight search and booking

Start searching for flights 60-90 days in advance to avoid a price surge. Checking prices a few days before and after your preferred dates using flexible booking tools can provide less expensive choices, especially for flights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You can also get cheap tickets on early morning or night flights. You can even sign up for fare alerts, which let you know when prices drop.

1-2 weeks before flight

Make sure you don’t have any urgent college assignments to finish while you’re away. If you see that you need to write some papers but don’t have time or energy for them, you can ask a professional essay writing service to ‘write my paper.’ This simple request can save you time and energy and even show you how to write academic papers properly.

Before Departure

Prior to departure, ensure that your passport and other documents are up-to-date. Keep updated about your destination by monitoring currency exchange rates so that you can budget accurately and have your travel plans sorted. Also, keep important documents with you. For safety purposes, you must inform others about the details of your trip.


Try traveling light while buying essentials at your destination. Organize your luggage by placing heavy items at the bottom, rolling clothes, and using shoes to store small items. Dress in layers to reduce packing, and weigh your bags to avoid extra fees. Keep important items like medication, money, and documents in a carry-on.

Tips for a Long Flight

If you are going on a long flight, carry things such as hand sanitizers, face mists, empty water bottles for water, snacks, a pair of socks, a pillow that can be placed around the neck, and eye masks. Dress in loose clothing that is easy to take off with layers underneath. Wear shoes that you can easily remove, but don’t forget your big scarf. Create a sleep-friendly playlist, adjust your sleep timetable, recharge your devices, ingest vitamins, and consume a wholesome meal before boarding the airplane. While flying, opt for seating arrangements with more space for the legs, walk frequently, use hand sanitizer, drink enough water, and avoid coffee with caffeine. After landing from a plane, rehydrate and walk outside to get some fresh air circulation.

Discover Your New Surroundings

You could be in this country for one year/one semester or for a short holiday trip. Regardless of the period, try to see a country as much as you can.

Buy Travel Insurance

When you are overseas, anything can happen, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. One good way to do this is through a travel insurance policy that should give you protection against such risky eventualities. Regardless of how minor they may seem, it covers cases related or other emergency occurrences like delays caused by bad weather conditions at airports. In addition, medical coverage might be necessary if traveling to destinations with expensive health care costs or where an access permit is needed as a mandatory requirement. Ensuring you are covered can save you from unexpected expenses and give you the freedom to enjoy your travels worry-free.

Join a Package Tour

Group tours, organized by experienced local guides with meals and accommodations, remove the stress of planning student travel. They are great for daring students who would rather stay active and students who simply wish to see different places. You are certain to meet like-minded people you wouldn’t have otherwise known, and this is a big plus. In addition, many packaged trips give privileged access to popular attractions and experiences that might be difficult to set up yourself.

Engage in New Activities

Every new location will have new fun things to do with possible student discounts attached. From city excursions to zip lining among others, it’s endless but better if you can plan ahead. Buying your tickets before departure may get you reduced prices and also ensure that you don’t miss out on any popular activities.

Exploring new activities while on your trip brings excitement and helps you know more about the local culture and environment. Such trips may include hiking through beautiful sceneries, participating in local fiestas, and tasting various cuisines, among other things. These activities can only make your tour more remarkable if you take a step farther from home.

Think About How You Will Travel Around

There are different transportation systems around the globe, so we advise researching a suitable form of transport and information about it in advance. Most of the big cities usually have excellent public transport systems, but their prices and coverage vary considerably. That is why it is important to know the fastest and cheapest means of movement.

You might consider such possibilities as local buses, subways, and bike-sharing programs. People who are well-versed in how locals behave while using their public transport can move easily and blend with them.

Getting ready to go back

So you just had an amazing time in a foreign country – learnt the language, soaked up its culture, took in wonderful sights beyond imagination and came back as a new person.

Your experience has come to an end and you are supposed to return back home to see your friends and family. So think through what souvenirs you’ll buy and how you’ll pack them. Also consider whether all these things will fit in your suitcases?

Make a plan, start packing

You need find time and planning for your packing. So, don’t start looking for your clothes two hours before flight. Usually, it takes several tries before you finally pack everything you need without problem of overloaded suitcase. Give yourself at least one day to put some things in suitcases and another few days of that so you can throw away some stuff, clean the room or apartment and decide how all that is going to fit into the bags.

Packing back home is simpler than when getting started. You may not have as many articles to think about carrying with you if you haven’t acquired so many new ones. You might have the option to leave your belongings at a storage facility or the university, provided you expect to come back. Do this when you aren’t sure about airline luggage limitations. They impose huge charges on excess weight.

Recommendations for packaging

Choose what stays behind: shampoo and soap, among other toiletries, should remain out of the question. They occupy unnecessary room in your luggage and can be bought in other places. Ultimately, whether it be that or old shoes, don’t hold on to anything that isn't essential.

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