10 Things You Should Do Before Boarding a Plane

Last Update: June 21, 2024 / 15:28:23 GMT/Zulu time

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Taking a plane trip can be both fun and stressful. Whether you're an experienced traveler or a first-time flyer, making a list of important things to do before you get on the plane can make your trip easier and more fun. Here are ten things you should do before getting on a plane, from making sure you have the right papers to making sure you're comfy.

1. Find out how your flight is going

It's important to check the state of your flight before you go to the airport to avoid any last-minute surprises. Whether you're going with a low-cost airline like Ryanair or a big airline, knowing if your flight is on time, late, or canceled can save you stress. If your flight is significantly delayed or canceled, you may be eligible for Ryanair compensation under EU rules. This money can help you pay for extra costs you might have because of the disruption, like food, lodging, or even a different way to get to work. If you know what your rights are and know how your flight is progressing, you can handle any unexpected changes better and have a better travel experience.

2. Put your travel papers in order

It is very important to keep your travel papers in order and easy to find. Make sure you have your passport, boarding pass, and any visas or travel passes you need. A government-issued ID is generally enough for domestic flights. Keep these papers in a safe place that you can still get to easily, like a travel wallet or a specific spot in your carry-on bag.

3. Be smart and efficient when you pack

It can be hard to pack, but if you plan ahead, your trip will be much more enjoyable. Packing boxes can help you sort your clothes and keep things that are similar together. Follow the airline's rules about bags to avoid having to pay extra. In case your checked luggage gets held up, put important things like medicine, toiletries, and a change of clothes in your carry-on.

4. Get your bags weighed

Weighing your bags at home will save you time and money at the airport. A lot of companies have strict rules about how much checked bags and carry-ons can weigh. Getting a portable suitcase scale can help you make sure your bags are the right weight. You can save time and money at check-in by doing this easy thing.

5. Get ready for the security check

One of the things that can take the most time at the airport is going through security. Prepare ahead of time to make it easier. Wear shoes that are easy to take off, don't wear heavy jewelry, and put your gels and drinks in a clear quart-sized bag. You will have to take laptops and other electronics out of your bag, so make sure they are easy to get to.

6. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy snacks

It's important to stay hydrated because flying can make you lose water. To get through security, bring an empty water bottle. Before you board, fill it up at a water station. Bring some healthy food with you, like granola bars, nuts, and fruit. These can keep you full and energetic, especially if the meals on board are limited or not appealing.

7. Get your stuff charged

In this digital world, it's important to stay linked. Before you go to the airport, make sure that all of your electronics—phones, tablets, and laptops—are fully charged. In your carry-on, put portable chargers and any cords you need. There are charging booths and power outlets in a lot of airports and on planes, but having a backup battery with you will make sure you don't run out while you're traveling.

8. Get games and entertainment apps

Long trips can get boring if you don't have anything fun to do. Before you leave, put movies, TV shows, books, or songs on your devices. Also, get any useful travel apps you can think of, like the app for your flight, maps, translation services, and anything else that will help you on your trip. This will keep you entertained and up to date during your trip.

9. Wear clothes that are comfortable

When you fly, comfort is very important. Pick clothes that are loose and layered so that you can easily change them to different temperatures. It's smart to bring a jacket or sweater with you on planes because they can get pretty cold. Also, wear comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on and off at security and compression socks to help your blood flow during long trips.

10. Make a plan for getting around on the ground

The last thing you want when you get to your destination is to be stuck at the airport. Plan ahead for your ground transportation. Find out what your choices are, whether you want to rent a car, take a bus, or use public transportation. Get the address of your place to stay and directions ready. If you can, book your transportation ahead of time to make sure you have a smooth trip from the airport to your final location.

Finding Your Way to Your Destination Without Any Problems

Following these ten steps before getting on the plane can greatly lower the worry and trouble that come with flying. A little planning goes a long way. Make sure you stay hydrated and plan your ground transportation. Check the status of your flight and organize your papers. With these tips, you can make sure that your trip goes smoothly and is fun. Get your passport and pack your bags because you're going on a great journey. Have a safe trip!

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