Northwestern JS32 at Fort Smith on Jan 23rd 2024, lost height after takeoff

Last Update: January 26, 2024 / 10:31:51 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Jan 23, 2024


Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

Airport ICAO Code

A Northwestern Air BAe British Aerospace Jetstream, registration C-FNAA performing a charter flight from Fort Smith,NT to Diavik Diamond Mine,NT (Canada) with 5 passengers and 2 crew, lost height shortly after takeoff from Fort Smith*s runway 30 and impacted ground about 500-1100 meters/1650-3600 feet off the end of the departure runway west of the airport near the banks of Slave River at about 08:45L (15:45Z). 4 passengers and both crew died, one passenger survived.

Canadian Authorities reported on Jan 23rd and early Jan 24th, there have been a so far unknown number of fatilities, initial reports 10 of the occupants may have been killed with the 11th being critically injured, were retracted.

Authorities reported rescuers were parachuted to the accident site.

The local Coroner confirmed there have been fatalities.

The airline reported one of their Jetstreams was involved in the accident causing a number of fatalities.

According to the operator of the Diavik Diamond Mine, Rio Tinto, the aircraft was carrying Rio Tinto workers to their mine.

The Canadian TSB have deployed an investigation team.

The local hospital reported they activated the mass casualty protocol at about 08:50L.

In the afternoon of Jan 24th 2024 the chief coroner reported, both crew and 4 passengers died in the accident, one surviving passenger was taken to a hospital in Yellowknife, the families have been informed.

According to the airline's website they operate 6 Jetstream 3100 and 5 Jetstream 3200 aircraft, all aircraft able to carry 19 passengers.

According to ADS-B data Jetstream 3200 JS32 registration C-FNAA was operating in and out of Fort Smith during January 2024, however, the tail number of the accident aircraft is currently unknown.

On Jan 26th 2024 the Canadian TSB reported mentioning the tail number C-FNAA: "On 23 January 2024, a BAE Jetstream 3212 aircraft operated by Northwestern Air Lease Ltd. was conducting a flight from Fort Smith Airport, Northwest Territories to Diavik Mine Airport, Northwest Territories, with 2 flight crew and 5 passengers on board. Shortly after takeoff on Runway 30, the aircraft collided with terrain. There was a post-impact fire, and the aircraft was destroyed. Six occupants were fatally injured, and one sustained serious injuries. The TSB is investigating."

CYSM 231900Z 31006KT 290V360 12SM -FZDZ -SN SCT014 OVC046 M19/M22 A2982 RMK SC4SC4 RIME ON INDICATOR SLP124=
CYSM 231800Z 32006KT 290V350 10SM -SN OVC043 M19/M23 A2980 RMK SC8 SLP120=
CYSM 231700Z 33003KT 290V360 12SM -SN OVC043 M19/M22 A2978 RMK SC8 SLP113=
CYSM 231624Z 32005KT 10SM -SN OVC065 M19/M22 A2978 RMK SC8 WIND EST SLP111=
CYSM 231534Z 32005KT 3SM -SN OVC065 M19/M22 A2977 RMK SC8 WIND EST SLP108=
CYSM 231500Z CCA 32005KT 1 1/2SM -SN OVC065 M19/M22 A2976 RMK SC8 WIND EST SLP104=
CYSM 231422Z 31003KT 270V330 1SM -SN VV025 M19/M22 A2975 RMK SN8 SLP101=
CYSM 231401Z 29003KT 2SM -SN OVC073 M19/M22 A2975 RMK AC8 SLP102=
Aircraft Registration Data
Registration mark
Country of Registration
Date of Registration
Certification Basis
QAglghf qqqdl nkfjcpefdAcnc dpcnfhhhgAhehAgc j Subscribe to unlock
TCDS Ident. No.
British Aerospace
Aircraft Model / Type
ICAO Aircraft Type
Year of Manufacture
Serial Number
Aircraft Address / Mode S Code (HEX)
Maximum Take off Mass (MTOM) [kg]
Engine Count
Engine Type
Main Owner
Qne gbfii kglAkgppelphikmgAincpnbehjcime pnlqffelkhheigAgebkelAqccAhm pApjAjjlhkdbbmp Subscribe to unlock

Aircraft registration data reproduced and distributed with the permission of the Government of Canada.

Incident Facts

Date of incident
Jan 23, 2024


Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

Airport ICAO Code

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