Tindi DHC6 near Diavik on Dec 27th 2023, impacted terrain

Last Update: January 7, 2024 / 19:35:33 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Dec 27, 2023


Air Tindi

Aircraft Registration

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An Air Tindi de Havilland DHC-6-300 Twin Otter on skis, registration C-GMAS performing charter flight 8T-601 from Margaret Lake,NT to Lac de Gras,NT (Canada) with 8 passengers and 2 crew, was forced to land about 16km (8.6nm) southeast of Diavik Diamond Mine (position N64.49 W110.28) at about 12:45L (20:45Z). There were 2 serious and 6 minor injuries, the aircraft received substantial damage.

NORAD reported 2 people had received moderate to serious injuries, 6 received minor injuries when the aircraft went down about 16km southeast of the Diavik Diamond Mine at about 11:45L (19:45Z). A rescue helicopter was dispatched to the accident site and provided the occupants with needed supplies and medical support. The occupants are to be flown out the following day (Dec 28th).

Canada's National Defense Joint Rescue Center reported a Hercules C-130 was able to drop three parachuters and supplies to the survivors in the evening of Dec 27th 2023 despite poor weather conditions. The occupants were able to spend the night in heated tents, the two more severly injured show signs of improvement. A helicopter reached the site the following day and is estimated to fly the occupants of the Twin Otter out.

The airline reported the aircraft was privately chartered, the reason for the forced landing is unknown at this time. The aircraft landed on a lake in the vicinity of its original destination.

Canada's TSB reported they too have no more information, they were notified of the occurrence just prior to 12:00L, the accident according to their information happened at 11:45L.

The following day's afternoon 13 people (10 occupants and 3 rescuers who parachuted to the accident site) were airlifted to Diavik. The passengers are going to be taken back to Yellowknife.

On Dec 29th 2023 Canada's TSB reported the aircraft was chartered in support of winter road construction activities and impacted terrain on approach to Lac de Gras at about 12:45L (20:45Z). There were 2 serious and 6 minor injuries amongst the 8 passengers and 2 crew and stated: "JRCC Trenton deployed assets and 3 search and rescue technicians parachuted into the area to provide medical and survival assistance overnight. Additionally, emergency response personnel were deployed from the Diavik Diamond Mine located approximately 7 NM to the NW; they arrived on scene the evening of the accident. All personnel were recovered from the accident site the next day and received the appropriate medical attention."

On Jan 7th 2024 the airline reported the crew was looking out for snow drifts at their landing site and had not yet committed to landing unaware that they had descended into basically a whiteout, when they impacted ground.

According to their website the airline operates 6 Twin Otters.

The Diavik Diamond Mine features a private airport with a gravel runway 10/28 of 5234 feet/1595 meters length.
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Aircraft registration data reproduced and distributed with the permission of the Government of Canada.

Incident Facts

Date of incident
Dec 27, 2023


Air Tindi

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

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