How Students Can Get a Job in an Aviation Company

Last Update: November 2, 2023 / 10:46:31 GMT/Zulu time

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Students who enjoy highly technical work and aircraft may want to get a job at an aviation company. For many jobs at aviation companies, they will need an aviation degree. There are different levels of aviation degrees from two-year associate programs to doctoral programs. You can choose the one that you find suitable to your career aspirations. Job prospects are good but students should try to get internships or find other ways to gain experience while studying.

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Admission requirements

Common admission requirements for a degree in aviation include:

  • High school diploma
  • Above-minimum high school GPA
  • Good standardized test scores
  • Proficiency in English

Some aviation degree programs require students to have a pilot’s license. Other programs may help them to earn their license.
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Associate degree

An associate degree in aviation takes two years to complete. It offers foundational knowledge in aviation. It includes subjects such as statistics, physics, applied calculus, and aircraft maintenance. It may also include getting a commercial pilot license.

Bachelor’s degree

Bachelor's degrees in aviation can take from four to six years to complete. A major in aviation may be in subjects such as aviation management, safety, or meteorology. Aviation law is another possible aviation major

What can you do with an aviation degree? A bachelor’s degree can lead to career opportunities as an aircraft technician, mechanic, or air traffic controller. Aircraft technicians and mechanics perform routine maintenance and general repairs on aircraft. An air traffic controller monitors and directs aircraft movement and communicates with pilots.

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Master’s degree in aviation

A master’s degree in aviation prepares students for advanced career options. Some of the courses students may take include:

  • International regulatory systems
  • Fuels and emissions
  • Project management
  • Leadership in aviation

One of the jobs with aviation degree is aircraft engineering. Students need to complete a bachelor’s degree program that prepares them for a master’s in aerospace engineering.


Students who do a doctorate in aviation may often end up in research or teaching jobs. They may find these positions in research foundations or private firms. Concentrations are often very specialized for a doctorate and it can take about three to six years to complete. Doctoral students may get involved in areas such as ethics in aerospace or best industry practices.


For degree programs, the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) sets the standards and determines which programs meet them. There are regional accreditations from state-owned universities. National accreditations focus on vocational or trade schools and certificate programs. Programmatic accreditation is professional in nature and relates to a specific program.

Internships and apprenticeships

What is an aviation internship? There are different types of internships based on a student’s degree path and what career they want to pursue. Many large airliners offer Internships in aviation management or business. Students may intern in different departments, such as client services or flight operations. This may lead to jobs after graduation. An internship may be a paid or unpaid position.

An apprenticeship offers extensive hands-on training and is a paid position. It is generally more focused on skills that students will apply after graduation. Mechanics often do apprenticeships.

Getting flight experience

One of the aviation degree jobs students may want to pursue is being a commercial pilot. Getting a private pilot’s license is the first step towards flying an aircraft solo and building up flight hours. Commercial pilots need valid licenses and over 2,000 hours of flying experience.


The first step for students interested in a career in aviation is to choose the right degree program. Different levels of degrees will prepare them for careers in different areas. An associate’s degree costs less and takes less time to complete than a bachelor’s degree. It’s a good option for students who want to get a quick start. Gaining experience while studying in the form of an internship can help students to get jobs after graduation. That’s like giving wings to your dreams – in real life.

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