Westjet Encore DH8D at Calgary on May 31st 2023, engine fire

Last Update: June 1, 2023 / 20:03:01 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
May 31, 2023


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

A Westjet Encore de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration C-GWEN performing flight WS-9820 from Calgary,AB to Chipewyan,AB (Canada) with 4 crew, was in the initial climb out of Calgary when the flight crew heard a bang and noticed the aircraft yawed to the right, both crew noticed the ITT temperature rose to 1100 degrees C. The captain, pilot flying, disengaged the autopilot, both flight crew assessed the situation when the engine fire aural warning sounded, smoke and fumes were also detected in cabin and flight deck. The engine fire quick reference checklist was actioned, the captain declared Mayday and stopped the climb at 8200 feet. The right hand engine was shutdown, the smoke and fumes began to dissipate. The #1 fire bottle was discharged, however, the fire indication remained active. The #2 fire bottle was discharged, again, the fire warning remained active. While the aircraft was positioning back to Calgary a few minutes later the fire indication ceased. The aircraft performed a single engine landing on runway 35R about 20 minutes after departure.

The Canadian TSB reported 2 investigators have been deployed to Calgary, the occurrence class is being assessed.
Aircraft Registration Data
Registration mark
Country of Registration
Date of Registration
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Certification Basis
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Serial Number
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Aircraft registration data reproduced and distributed with the permission of the Government of Canada.

Incident Facts

Date of incident
May 31, 2023


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

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