Jazz CRJ9 enroute on Feb 13th 2023, uncommanded change in altitude and speed

Last Update: February 20, 2023 / 23:12:42 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Feb 13, 2023


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

A Jazz Aviation Canadair CRJ-900 on behalf of Air Canada, registration C-GCJZ performing flight AC-7746 from Vancouver,BC to Saskatoon,SK (Canada) with 74 passengers and 4 crew, was enroute at FL370 about 70nm east of Kelowna,BC (Canada) and about 150nm westsouthwest of Calgary,AB (Canada) when the aircraft uncommandedly and suddenly deviated 1000 feet up from the assigned flight level and the airspeed increased by 30 knots, an overspeed warning occurred. A few seconds later the airspeed slowed again and the crew manually descended the aircraft to FL370. The aircraft continued to destination for a safe landing without further incident.

The Canadian TSB wrote: "While in cruise, the aircraft experienced an abrupt, uncommanded change in altitude and speed. The altitude jumped up 1000 feet from the assigned altitude of 37 000 feet above sea level (ASL) and the aircraft speed increased by 30 kts."

While the TSB did not offer an explanation, there might be an explanation buried in the Metars of Kelowna,BC west of the aircraft position and Calgary,AB east of the aircraft position:

Kelowna METARs:
CYLW 140700Z AUTO 06004KT 9SM BKN055 OVC074 01/M01 A2965 RMK SLP057=
CYLW 140620Z AUTO VRB02KT 9SM OVC055 01/M01 A2965 RMK SLP057=
CYLW 140610Z AUTO 00000KT 9SM -RA FEW034 OVC055 02/M01 A2964 RMK SLP055=
CYLW 140609Z AUTO 00000KT 9SM FEW034 OVC055 02/M01 A2964 RMK SLP055=
CYLW 140600Z AUTO 09004KT 9SM -RA SCT036 OVC055 02/M01 A2964 RMK SLP053=
CYLW 140551Z AUTO 08003KT 320V090 9SM -RA 02/M01 A2964 RMK CLD MISG SLP053=
CYLW 140500Z AUTO 16004KT 9SM FEW047 OVC066 02/M01 A2962 RMK SLP046=
CYLW 140400Z AUTO 01004KT 9SM SCT066 BKN086 02/M01 A2960 RMK SLP038=
CYLW 140300Z AUTO 32014KT 9SM SCT050 BKN060 OVC073 04/M02 A2959 RMK SLP035=
CYLW 140239Z AUTO 34020KT 9SM SCT060 BKN075 OVC089 03/M01 A2958 RMK SLP032=
CYLW 140200Z AUTO 17010KT 9SM FEW066 OVC088 05/M02 A2957 RMK SLP027=
CYLW 140100Z AUTO 14004KT 070V200 9SM BKN060 OVC076 06/M03 A2956 RMK SLP022=
CYLW 140037Z AUTO 11004KT 9SM OVC060 06/M03 A2955 RMK SLP020=
CYLW 140027Z AUTO 10003KT 090V150 9SM -RA OVC060 06/M03 A2955 RMK SLP019=
CYLW 140000Z AUTO 17006KT 9SM BKN060 OVC075 06/M03 A2956 RMK SLP024=
CYLW 132300Z AUTO 19008KT 9SM FEW060 07/M02 A2956 RMK SLP022=
CYLW 132200Z AUTO 19006KT 9SM OVC071 06/M01 A2957 RMK SLP026=

Metars Calgary:
CYYC 140700Z 03018KT 4SM -SN BKN010 BKN079 M06/M09 A2957 RMK SC5AC2 SLP064=
CYYC 140614Z 03015KT 7SM -SN BKN009 OVC049 M04/M06 A2953 RMK SC5SC3 SLP049=
CYYC 140600Z 03016KT 10SM -SN FEW018 FEW040 SCT088 BKN170 M03/M06 A2953 RMK SC1SC2AC3AC1 SC TR PCPN VRY LGT SLP046=
CYYC 140500Z 01012G17KT 10SM -SN BKN047 BKN150 M01/M07 A2949 RMK SC5AC2 PCPN VRY LGT SLP031=
CYYC 140400Z 03011KT 10SM -SN BKN052 M00/M07 A2945 RMK SC7 SLP019=
CYYC 140314Z 33009KT 10SM -SN FEW029 BKN050 01/M07 A2944 RMK SC1SC6 SLP010=
CYYC 140300Z 32011KT 12SM VCSH FEW029 BKN054 01/M07 A2943 RMK SC2SC5 SH SW / VIS 7 SW SLP009=
CYYC 140200Z 31003KT 10SM OVC090 01/M08 A2939 RMK AC8 SLP988=
CYYC 140100Z 36013G21KT 15SM BKN040 BKN085 02/M09 A2938 RMK SC6AC1 SLP980=
CYYC 140004Z 01014G20KT 15SM FEW034 BKN100 BKN190 02/M08 A2935 RMK SC2AC3AC2 T SLP970=
CYYC 140000Z 36016KT 15SM SCT034 BKN085 BKN190 03/M08 A2934 RMK SC3AC3AC1 SLP967=
CYYC 132324Z 02011G16KT 350V060 15SM BKN034 BKN100 02/M06 A2933 RMK SC5AC2 T SH DIST NE SLP962=
CYYC 132300Z 19003KT 15SM BKN100 BKN260 03/M03 A2932 RMK AC6CC1 CC TR SH DIST NW-NE SLP957=
CYYC 132200Z 18005KT 15SM BKN100 BKN180 02/M03 A2929 RMK AC7AC1 AC TR CIG LWR N SH DIST N SLP949=
Aircraft Registration Data
Registration mark
Country of Registration
Date of Registration
Hp djbcmpmebkhcA Subscribe to unlock
Certification Basis
QcdqjjgfhcqcldifbeAghAchAhiAjjpqbningnmbkk bmA Subscribe to unlock
TCDS Ident. No.
Aircraft Model / Type
CL-600-2D24 (Series 900)
ICAO Aircraft Type
Year of Manufacture
Serial Number
Aircraft Address / Mode S Code (HEX)
Maximum Take off Mass (MTOM) [kg]
Engine Count
Engine Type
Main Owner
Hh jbnebAimifllplkkdkhqnhqphqipmAmnhgelq dmjeepqfenc gmmckc ljink lggdindnpnnnljjkfeiefi Aiihngjbp kbnejqlnbphn p Subscribe to unlock

Aircraft registration data reproduced and distributed with the permission of the Government of Canada.

Incident Facts

Date of incident
Feb 13, 2023


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

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