Hevilift PNG DHC6 at Mount Hagen on Aug 26th 2022, conflict with departure in opposite direction

Last Update: September 27, 2022 / 19:14:28 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Aug 26, 2022



Aircraft Registration

A Hevilift LNG de Havilland DHC-6-300, registration P2-KSI performing a flight from an unknown point of origin to Mount Hagen (Papua New Guinea) with 13 passengers and 2 crew, was on final approach to Mount Hagen's runway 30.

A MAF PNG Casa Aircraft was departing Mount Hagen's runway 12 at the same time.

Papua New Guinea's AIC (Accident Investigation Commission) rated the occurrence a serious incident stating "while we were fortunate that there was no actual accident, the circumstances giving rise to the loss of separation will be investigated thoroughly so that the circumstances and contributing situational facts around it are clearly established to prevent future recurrence."

On Sep 25th 2022 the AIC released their preliminary report stating that the separation between the two aircraft reduced to 300 feet vertically and 660 feet horizontally.

The AIC summarized the sequence of events:

On 26 August 2022, at about 8:26 local (22:26 UTC) a Twin Otter DHC6-300 aircraft, registered P2-KSI owned and operated by Hevilift PNG Aviation Limited and a Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft, registered P2-MEW owned and operated by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) PNG Limited encountered a loss of separation when they passed each other at Mt Hagen Airport, Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.

P2-KSI was conducting an IFR charter flight from Kairik Airport, Enga Province to Mt Hagen Airport while P2-MEW was conducting a VFR3 charter flight from Mt Hagen Airport to Simbai Airstrip, Madang Province.

According to ATS, P2-KSI departed Kairik at 07:53, climbed to an altitude of 11,000 ft AMSL5 and began tracking south-east for Mt. Hagen with an estimated time of arrival at 8:26.

At 08:13 P2-MEW requested for taxi via taxiway Alpha for Runway 12 and was subsequently cleared by ATC for taxi. At 08:16, P2-MEW reported ready for takeoff and was instructed by ATC6 to hold at the holding point due to inbound traffic7. At 08:18, P2-KSI reported to ATC that they were 14 nautical miles to Hagen via Tomba Area and were passing through 10,000 ft AMSL.

At 08:23, P2-KSI reported to ATC that they were wide left-downwind for Runway 30 and was subsequently instructed by ATC to continue approach for Runway 30, the duty Runway. A few seconds later, P2-MEW requested for an intersection departure on Runway 12, the opposite Runway, if available.

At 08:24, ATC issued line up clearance to P2-MEW on Runway 12 intersection Alpha and instantly advised P2-KSI that P2-MEW was lining up for take-off on Runway 12 intersection for a left turn via the Tremaerne Gap on climb 9,000 ft. A few seconds later, P2-MEW reported ready on line up and subsequently was cleared for takeoff.

The pilot of P2-MEW stated during interview that the aircraft was manoeuvred slightly to the left to avoid cloud prior to making the left turn, as instructed by ATC. According to both aircraft recorded data8, at the time P2-MEW initiated the left manoeuvring, P2-KSI was already established on finals for Runway 30.

At 08:25, while P2-MEW was on takeoff phase, ATC cleared P2-KSI for landing on Runway 12 and not Runway 30. A few seconds later, at about 0.5 nm from the Runway 30 threshold, the aircraft passed each other at a proximity of about 300ft vertical distance apart and about 200m lateral distance apart.

At 08:26, P2-KSI alerted ATC of the proximity they encountered with P2-MEW as they continued the flight and subsequently landed at Mt. Hagen Airport while P2-MEW continued the flight to Simbai Airstrip.
Incident Facts

Date of incident
Aug 26, 2022



Aircraft Registration

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