Jetstar B788 at ;Melbourne and Coolangatta on May 7th 2022, lightning strikes

Last Update: May 17, 2022 / 11:46:22 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
May 7, 2022


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

A Jetstar Boeing 787-8, registration VH-VKL performing flight JQ-444 from Melbourne,VI to Coolangatta,QL (Australia), departed Melbourne's runway 34, climbed to FL410 and landed on Coolangatta's runway 14 about 105 minutes after departure.

The aircraft hasn't flown since (standing May 17th 2022), post flight examinations found extensive damage due to lightning strikes. The aircraft is currently estimated to be out of service for about two months.

Metars Melbourne:
YMML 070900Z 30007KT 9999 FEW030 SCT110 BKN200 11/07 Q1020=
YMML 070830Z 30008KT 9999 FEW030 SCT100 11/08 Q1019=
YMML 070800Z 29011KT 9999 FEW032 SCT200 12/08 Q1019=
YMML 070730Z 29010KT 9999 FEW032 SCT100 13/08 Q1019=
YMML 070700Z 29015KT 9999 FEW033 BKN100 14/09 Q1018=
YMML 070630Z 29012KT 9999 FEW032 BKN100 14/10 Q1018=
YMML 070600Z 29013KT 9999 FEW031 BKN070 13/10 Q1018=
YMML 070530Z 28015KT 9999 -SHRA BKN035 OVC057 13/09 Q1018=
YMML 070500Z 29017KT 9999 SCT040 OVC060 14/09 Q1018=
YMML 070430Z 27016KT 9999 VCSH FEW015 SCT035 BKN055 13/09 Q1017=
YMML 070409Z 27020G30KT 9999 -SHRA FEW029 BKN035 13/09 Q1017=
YMML 070400Z 27018KT 9999 -SHRA BKN036 14/08 Q1017=
YMML 070330Z 28018KT 9999 BKN037 15/08 Q1017=
YMML 070300Z 28018KT 9999 BKN037 BKN055 15/07 Q1017=

Metars Coolangatta:
YBCG 071030Z AUTO 21007KT 9999 -SHRA SCT018 BKN033 OVC041 19/17 Q1020=
YBCG 071000Z AUTO 21009KT 9999 // SCT029 BKN036 BKN043 19/18 Q1020=
YBCG 070930Z AUTO 21008KT 9999 -RA SCT029 SCT063 BKN088 19/18 Q1020 RERA=
YBCG 070900Z AUTO 22007KT 9999 -SHRA SCT033 OVC110 19/18 Q1020 RESHRA=
YBCG 070830Z AUTO 21007KT 9999 SHRA SCT055 SCT068 BKN085 19/17 Q1019=
YBCG 070800Z AUTO 21006KT 9999 // BKN046 OVC056 20/17 Q1019=
YBCG 070730Z AUTO 18008KT 9999 // BKN046 OVC056 20/17 Q1018=
YBCG 070700Z AUTO 19008KT 9999 // SCT037 BKN046 OVC054 21/17 Q1018=
YBCG 070630Z AUTO 19009KT 9999 // SCT051 BKN078 BKN105 21/17 Q1018=
YBCG 070600Z AUTO 19010KT 9999 // SCT037 OVC047 22/18 Q1018=
YBCG 070530Z AUTO 17009KT 9999 // SCT021 OVC035 22/18 Q1018=
YBCG 070500Z AUTO 19007KT 9999 // OVC021 OVC035 23/18 Q1018=
Incident Facts

Date of incident
May 7, 2022


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

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