AeroInside Weekly Aviation Safety Review Week 6 / 07.02.2022

Last Update: February 14, 2022 / 08:00:06 GMT/Zulu time

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Looking back at calendar week number 6 which started on 07.02.2022, AeroInside published a whole slew of new articles.

All in all, 9 new articles have been published during last week. Additionally, 9 incidents have been observed with our focus on commercial jet aviation.

Incidents (9)

Blue Air B738 at Stockholm on Feb 12th 2022, cracked windshield
A Blue Air Boeing 737-800, registration YR-BMQ performing positioning flight 0B-9046 from Stockholm to Gothenburg (Sweden), was climbing through…

Air Asia A320 near Kuching on Feb 10th 2022, snake on the plane
An Air Asia Airbus A320-200, registration 9M-RAN performing flight AK-5748 from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau (Malaysia), was enroute at FL330 over the South…

Kulula B738 near Johannesburg on Feb 10th 2022, engine shut down in flight
A Kulula Boeing 737-800, registration ZS-ZWD performing flight MN-451 from Lanseria to Cape Town (South Africa), was climbing through about FL260 out…

Alliance AT72 at Mumbai on Feb 9th 2022, lost engine access door on departure
An Alliance Air Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-212A, registration VT-RKJ performing flight 9I-625 from Mumbai to Bhuj (India) with 65 passengers…

Austrian E195 at Vienna on Feb 9th 2022, rejected takeoff due to abnormal engine readings
An Austrian Airlines Embraer ERJ-195, registration OE-LWO performing flight OS-313 from Vienna (Austria) to Stockholm (Sweden), was accelerating the…

Delta B739 at Jacksonville on Feb 9th 2022, engine failure
A Delta Airlines Boeing 737-900, registration N840DN performing flight DL-2630 from Atlanta,GA to Jacksonville,FL (USA), was descending through about…

China Eastern A20N at Yulin on Feb 9th 2022, touched down ahead of runway
A China Eastern Airbus A320-200N, registration B-305Y performing flight MU-2287 from Xianyang to Yulin (China) with about 50 people on board, landed…

TAAG B737 at Maputo on Feb 9th 2022, rejected takeoff due to bee in pitot tube
A TAAG Angola Airlines Boeing 737-700, registration D2-TBJ performing flight DT-582 from Maputo (Mozambique) to Luanda (Angola), was accelerating for…

Smartlynx Malta A320 at Benin on Feb 8th 2022, bird strike
A Smartlynx Airlines Malta Airbus A320-200 on behalf of Air Peace, registration 9H-SLJ performing flight P4-7172 from Abuja to Benin (Nigeria), was…

The following airlines have been covered in aviation incidents during last week: AirAsia, Alliance Air, Austrian Airlines, Blue Air, China Eastern Airlines, Delta Airlines, Kulula, Smartlynx Malta, TAAG Angola Airlines

Flight numbers
Flight numbers linked to aviation incidents during last week: 9I-625, AK-5748, DL-2630, DT-582, MN-451, MU-2287, OS-313, P4-7172

Aircraft types
The following aircraft types have been covered in one or more articles during last week: ATR ATR-72-200, Airbus A320, Airbus A320-200N, Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900, Embraer ERJ-195

The following causes have been reported: bird strike, cracked windshield, engine failure, engine shut down in flight

Incident Facts


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