AeroInside Weekly Aviation Safety Review Week 4 / 24.01.2022

Last Update: January 31, 2022 / 08:00:05 GMT/Zulu time

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Looking back at calendar week number 4 which started on 24.01.2022, AeroInside published a whole slew of new articles.

All in all, 7 new articles have been published during last week. Additionally, 7 incidents have been observed with our focus on commercial jet aviation.

Incidents (7)

Jetblue A320 at Fort Lauderdale on Jan 27th 2022, bird strike
A Jetblue Airbus A320-200, registration N640JB performing flight B6-1411 from Fort Lauderdale,FL (USA) to Aruba (Aruba), was climbing out of Fort…

ANZ B789 near Hong Kong on Jan 27th 2022, cracked windshield
An ANZ Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9, registration ZK-NZH performing flight NZ-1082 (dep Jan 26th) from Christchurch (New Zealand) to Guangzhou…

Helvetic E290 at Zurich on Jan 26th 2022, flaps problem
A Helvetic Airlines Embraer ERJ-190-E2 on behalf of Swiss, registration HB-AZE performing flight LX-1343 from Warsaw (Poland) to Zurich…

American A320 at Pittsburgh on Jan 26th 2022, flock of birds
An American Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration N123UW performing flight AA-2738 from Charlotte,NC to Pittsburgh,PA (USA), was on final approach…

Inuit B732 near Puvirnituq on Jan 25th 2022, slat asymmetry enroute
An Air Inuit Boeing 737-200, registration C-GMAI performing flight 3H-754 from Donaldson,QC to Montreal,QC (Canada) with 52 passengers and 4 crew,…

LOT DH8D near Krakow on Jan 25th 2022, cockpit door malfunction
A LOT Polish Airlines de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration SP-EQC performing flight LO-223 from Warsaw (Poland) to Vienna (Austria), was enroute at…

Delta B763 near Buffalo on Jan 25th 2022, smell of smoke in cockpit
A Delta Airlines Boeing 767-300, registration N185DN performing flight DL-439 from New York JFK,NY to Los Angeles,CA (USA), was enroute at FL380…

The following airlines have been covered in aviation incidents during last week: ANZ Air New Zealand, Air Inuit, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Helvetic, Jetblue, LOT Polish Airlines

Flight numbers
Flight numbers linked to aviation incidents during last week: 3H-754, AA-2738, B6-1411, DL-439, LO-223, LX-1343, NZ-1082

Aircraft types
The following aircraft types have been covered in one or more articles during last week: Airbus A320, Boeing 737-200, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, De Havilland Dash 8 (400), Embraer ERJ-190-E2

The following causes have been reported: bird strike, cracked windshield, flaps problem, flock of birds

Incident Facts


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