AeroInside Weekly Aviation Safety Review Week 47 / 22.11.2021

Last Update: November 29, 2021 / 08:00:04 GMT/Zulu time

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Looking back at calendar week number 47 which started on 22.11.2021, AeroInside published a whole slew of new articles.

All in all, 16 new articles have been published during last week. 4 accidents have occurred during that timeframe. Additionally, 12 incidents have been observed with our focus on commercial jet aviation.

Accidents (4)

Azul A20N at Cuiaba on Nov 25th 2021, rejected takeoff due to hydraulic fault and evacuated
An Azul Linhas Aereas Airbus A320-200N, registration PR-YRH performing flight AD-2751 from Cuiaba,MT to Sao Paulo Guarulhos,SP (Brazil) with 132…

Malta Air B738 at Bologna on Nov 24th 2021, flock of herons, both engines ingested birds
A Malta Air Boeing 737-800 on behalf of Ryanair, registration 9H-QDG performing flight FR-1194 from London Stansted,EN (UK) to Bologna (Italy), was…

Aeroflot B773 at Moscow on Nov 24th 2021, bird strike
An Aeroflot Boeing 777-300, registration VP-BHA performing flight SU-200 from Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) to Bejing (China), was accelerating for…

Frontier A320 at Trenton on Nov 23rd 2021, bird strikes
A Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration N233FR performing flight F9-820 from West Palm Beach,FL to Trenton,NJ (USA), was on approach to…

Incidents (12)

Finnair A319 at Ivalo on Nov 27th 2021, runway excursion on landing
A Finnair Airbus A319-100, registration OH-LVL performing flight AY-601 from Helsinki to Ivalo (Finland) with 73 people on board, landed on Ivalo's…

Go First A20N near Nagpur on Nov 27th 2021, engine shut down in flight
A Go First (former GoAir) Airbus A320-200N, registration VT-WGA performing flight G8-873 from Bangalore to Patna (India) with 139 people on board,…

LATAM Cargo B763 at Sao Paulo on Nov 26th 2021, tail scrape on departure
A LATAM Cargo Boeing 767-300 freighter, registration N538LA performing flight UC-1108 from Sao Paulo Guarulhos,SP (Brazil) to Santiago (Chile),…

Easyjet Switzerland A319 at Geneva on Nov 26th 2021, strong odour on board
An Easyjet Switzerland Airbus A319-100, registration HB-JYK performing flight U2-1357 from Geneva (Switzerland) to Amsterdam (Netherlands), was…

Amapola F50 at Helsinki on Nov 25th 2021, engine shut down in flight
An Amapola Flyg Fokker 50, registration SE-MFZ performing flight HP-322 from Helsinki to Joensuu (Finland) with 31 passengers and 3 crew, was…

Red Wings SU95 at Norilsk on Nov 24th 2021, runway excursion on landing
A Red Wings Airlines Sukhoi Superjet 100-95, registration RA-89138 performing flight WZ-1279 from Chelyabinsk to Norilsk (Russia) with 81 passengers…

Antonov A124 at Larnaca on Nov 24th 2021, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
An Antonov Design Bureau Antonov AN-124 Ruslan, registration UR-82072 performing flight ADB-5001 from Larnaca (Cyprus) to Leipzig (Germany), was…

Alaska A320 at Portland on Nov 24th 2021, engine shut down in flight
An Alaska Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration N851VA performing flight AS-297 from Portland,OR to San Francisco,CA (USA) with 150 people on board,…

Delta B712 at Atlanta on Nov 24th 2021, unsafe gear
A Delta Airlines Boeing 717-200, registration N988AT performing flight DL-1253 from Madison,WI to Atlanta,GA (USA), was on final approach to…

S7 B738 at Moscow on Nov 23rd 2021, rejected takeoff due to engine failure
A S7 Sibir Airlines Boeing 737-800, registration VP-BQD performing flight S7-2167 from Moscow Domodedovo to Mineralnye Vody (Russia), was…

Skywest CRJ2 at Salt Lake City on Nov 23rd 20210, bird strikes
A Skywest Canadair CRJ-200 on behalf of Delta Airlines, registration N429SW performing flight DL-4238 from Salt Lake City,UT to Elko,NV (USA), was…

ANA A20N at Shonai on Nov 23rd 2021, lightning strike
An ANA All Nippon Airways Airbus A320-200N, registration JA217A performing flight NH-395 from Tokyo Haneda to Shonai (Japan) with 119 people on…

The following airlines have been covered in aviation incidents during last week: ANA All Nippon Airways, Aeroflot, Alaska Airlines, Amapola Flyg, Azul Linhas Aereas, Delta Airlines, Easyjet Switzerland, Finnair, Frontier Airlines, Go First (former GoAir), LATAM Cargo Brasil, Red Wings Airlines, Ryanair, S7 Airlines, Skywest Airlines

Flight numbers
Flight numbers linked to aviation incidents during last week: AD-2751, ADB-5001, AS-297, AY-601, DL-1253, DL-4238, F9-820, FR-1194, G8-873, HP-322, NH-395, S7-2167, SU-200, U2-1357, UC-1108, WZ-1279

Aircraft types
The following aircraft types have been covered in one or more articles during last week: Airbus A319, Airbus A320, Airbus A320-200N, Antonov Ruslan, Boeing 717-200, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 767-300, Boeing 777-300, Canadair Corporate Jetliner, Fokker 50, SUKHOI Superjet 100-95

The following causes have been reported: bird strike, engine shut down in flight, lightning strike, rejected takeoff due to engine failure, runway excursion on landing, unsafe gear

Incident Facts


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