Conflicting information about a suspected aircraft crash in Mexico

Last Update: May 2, 2021 / 13:54:29 GMT/Zulu time

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There are reports claiming that on May 1st 2021 at about 18:00L (23:00Z) an aircraft with 3 crew crashed in Mexico within the municipality of Coalcomán (located in the mountaineous region Sierra Madre del Sur westsouthwest of Mexico City), all 3 crew are said to have died in the crash.

Rescue services have been dispatched to the crash site, initial reports suggested the aircraft has been located, current reports however suggest, they did not find any crashed aircraft.

Other reports suggest, a Learjet 45 might have crashed.

Several Mexican Media report a Canadair CRJ-100 registration XA-MSC has crashed in that accident. However, there are reports of May 2nd 2021 about 01:30Z (May 1st 20:30L) stating the aircraft is currently parked at the apron in Toluca, where the aircraft had landed on Apr 30th 2021 at about 23:30L (May 1st 04:30Z) about 18 hours before the suspected crash time. The aircraft has not been seen via Mode-S transponder data after that time stamp.

Spanish News Agency EFE reported the tower of Uruapan, about 80nm from the supposed crash site, reported the aircraft with 3 crew reported engine system failures possibly causing a fire. The aircraft should have flown from Toluca, located about 28nm west of Mexico City, to Manzanillo at Mexico's Pacific Coast to pick up freight.

There is no official statement by Mexico's DGCA so far.

TUM Aerocarga, the operator of XA-MSC, stated: "TUM Aerocarga regrets the false publication in social networks and different media about an alleged accident within our fleet Saturday May 1, 2021, we want to officially inform that all our equipment is working in perfect condition, this unofficial information is totally wrong, we appreciate the interest shown in this situation and reinforce our commitment to safety and provide excellent service to all our customers."

The Ministry of Public Security of the State of Michoacán, initially quoted by media to have confirmed a large column of smoke had been observed at Los Cortes, near the town of San Acamitan, posted on their Twitter account at about 03:00Z May 2nd: "Result of the work carried out in the municipality of Coalcoman , in response to the report on an air accident, so far no indication of the fact has been located. Any update will be informed promptly." No further updates have since been posted.

According to transponder data transmitted by the aircraft a business jet, a Dassault Falcon 7X, was enroute at FL380 about 30nm southwest of Uruapan and about 120nm east of Manzanillo on May 1st 2021 18:07L (23:07Z), when the aircraft began the descent towards Manzanillo. The aircraft landed at Manzanillo at about 18:27L (23:27Z). The aircraft had departed from Huetsojingo (Mexico) about 43nm east of Mexico City at 17:30L (22:30Z). The route and time stamps correspond to a map, Ministry of Public Security of the State of Michoacán had briefly published.

The Aviation Herald is now aborting monitoring this occurrence the information about which clearly has been erroneous.
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