American B772 at Dallas on Mar 15th 2021, turbulence injures flight attendant

Last Update: January 7, 2022 / 15:38:42 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Mar 15, 2021


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Type
Boeing 777-200

ICAO Type Designator

An American Airlines Boeing 777-200, registration N789AN performing flight AA-1601 from Cancun (Mexico) to Dallas Ft. Worth,TX (USA) with 252 passengers and 10 crew, landed on Dallas' runway 31R at 14:59L (19:59Z), one flight attendant had received a serious injury in flight.

The FAA reported: "AIRCRAFT ENCOUNTERED TURBULENCE ON FINAL, DALLAS, TX." however provided a time stamp of 18:24Z at which time the aircraft had been enroute at FL380 over the Gulf of Mexico about 260nm northwest of Cancun. The aircraft initiated a climb to FL400 about two minutes later. A flight attendant received a serious injury, the occurrence was rated an accident.

On Apr 8th 2021 the NTSB reported there had been one serious injury amongst the crew. The occurrence was rated an accident and is being investigated by the NTSB.

On Jan 7th 2022 the NTSB released their final report (and docket) concluding the probable cause of the accident was:

an encounter with clear air turbulence during approach

The NTSB analysed:

According to the flight crew, the captain made a public address announcement to the flight attendants to prepare for landing between FL200 and FL190. When passing 8,500 ft on vectors for a visual approach to KDFW, the crew heard another aircraft in the area report turbulence on the ATC frequency. Subsequently, the captain called the number 1 flight attendant (FA) to notify him of the potential turbulence and ensure the flight attendants took their jumpseats. Approaching the GACHO intersection at 6,500 feet, the crew stated the aircraft experienced a moderate “jolt” of turbulence lasting about one second. The flight crew stated that the weather was unrestricted visibility and no precipitation in the vicinity of the turbulence encounter.

At the time of the turbulence, the FAs had completed securing the cabin. One FA in the aft galley was thrown into the air and then onto the floor against the right side of the aft galley when attempting to reach her jumpseat. She injured her right hip and had to remain on the galley floor for landing. Paramedics met the flight at the gate and transported the injured FA to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a broken hip.

The number 1 FA stated that he believed the turbulence call to his position should have been an “all call” priority as opposed to a phone call. The other FAs did not indicate they heard any additional warnings of impending turbulence.
Aircraft Registration Data
Registration mark
Country of Registration
United States
Date of Registration
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Number of Seats
ICAO Aircraft Type
Year of Manufacture
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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Mar 15, 2021


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Type
Boeing 777-200

ICAO Type Designator

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