The I CAT approach

Last Update: February 8, 2021 / 09:52:20 GMT/Zulu time

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An El Al Boeing 737-900, registration 4X-EHB, has last flown the rotation Tel Aviv (Israel) to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and back to Tel Aviv on Jan 24th 2021 and had since been parked at Tel Aviv.

On Feb 7th 2021 ground observer Ido Wachtel noticed a brand new feature at the windshield possibly indicating a new type of approach, the I CAT (instead of CAT I) approach, is available to the aircraft. It needs to be seen, when this will get updated to a III or even IV CAT approach.

Ido Wachtel thinks though it is more likely the cat is being trapped inside the cockpit since the aircraft was parked in Tel Aviv on Jan 24th 2021.

Later the day Feb 7th 2021 Ido Wachtel reported the cat was released and posted an additional photo of how the cat had approached and re-designed the cockpit.
Incident Facts


Aircraft Registration

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