Latest research: Bleed Air Ducts can not be cleaned, pollutants deeply penetrate human bodies

Last Update: January 29, 2020 / 21:01:59 GMT/Zulu time

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On Jan 28th 2020 German TV Station SWR/ARD broadcast a coverage based on latest research results by Prof. Dr. Scholz (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences) and Dr. Antonietta Gatti (Institute of Nanodiagnostics Modena) stating, that pollutants remain in bleed air ducts covering the ducts with a black oil film and deeply penetrate human bodies (see the video below).

Prof. Scholz said: "It becomes clear that you can never clean something like that. Because it is not accessible at all." and stated: "If you see that, then you understand, with today's design, manufacturers apply a wrong design principle to supply cabin air."

Dr. Gatti was able to establish a causal link between fume related health issues and engine oils. With new methods she compares engine oils and tissue taken from board personnel and was able to demonstrate that cabin pollutants come from the engines. These particles are so small that they can penetrate deeply into the human body. Pointing onto a laboraty analysis of a sample she said: "Here you see a foreign body in the brain, made of titanium, iron and aluminum. Pollution is released inside the aircraft, particularly in the cockpit. If the pilots inhale that, it can lead to toxic reactions, especially brain damage."

Prof. Scholz published an extended overview of his research results on his website as well as presentations and additional videos.
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