Atlantic Cargo DC3 at Nassau on Oct 18th 2019, ditched short of runway

Last Update: January 7, 2020 / 16:42:26 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Oct 18, 2019


Nassau, Bahamas

Aircraft Registration

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An Atlantic Air Cargo Douglas DC-3, registration N437GB performing a freight flight from Miami Opa-Locka,FL (USA) to Nassau (Bahamas) with 2 crew, was on approach to Nassau's runway 14 when the crew declared emergency reporting the left hand engine had failed at 16:27L (20:27Z). The aircraft subsequently ditched before Nassau's Love Beach about 2.5nm short of the runway threshold at position N25.0925 W77.5048. The Coastguard was alerted about the accident at 16:45L (20:45Z). Royal Bahamian Defense Force were able to rescue both pilots reported to be in good health. The aircraft became submerged.

Nassau Airport reported (no tail number provided) the crew declared emergency at 16:27L due to the failure of the left hand engine while flying from Opa-Locka to Nassau. The aircraft ditched in waters about 2nm from Love Beach, the two on board were rescued by Basra.

The FAA reported the aircraft (no tail number provided) crashed into the waters short of runway 14 at 16:45L. The flight had departed Opa-Locka. The FAA and the NTSB have opened investigations.

The family of Atlantic Air Cargo's chief pilot identified the chief pilot as involved into the accident.

Bahamas' AAID reported (no tail number provided) they were alerted at 16:45L about a DC-3 having departed Opa-Locka to have declared emergency due to the left engine failure and to have crashed a short time later. Royal Bahamian Defense Force were able to rescue both pilots in good shape and took them to the base. Responders are currently trying to locate the aircraft which became submerged.

On Oct 20th 2019 Bahamas' AAID reported the aircraft involved was N437GB. The two pilots were rescue with minor injuries. Weather conditions at the time were visual meteorologic conditions.

On Jan 6th 2020 the BAAID released a brief two page final factual report reporting the crew reported the left engine had failed about 25-30nm before Nassau adding that the aircraft performance following the engine failure was not optimal, so that the crew made the decision to land in the ocean. The aircraft came to a stop at position N25.0925 W77.5048 about 2.87nm short of the threshold runway 14 at Nassau Lynden Airport. The occupants did not receive any injuries in the forced landing. The aircraft could not be recovered. The BAAID stated:

The weather at the time of the accident was visual meteorological conditions and not a factor in this accident. A limited scope investigation was conducted, no safety message or recommendations were issued.

Atlantic Air Cargo operates two DC-3s with tail numbers N437GB and N705GB. Neither aircraft was visible on Mode-S Receivers in Miami and Nassau on Oct 18th 2019. N705GB had operated a number of flights between Opa-Locka and Nassau on Oct 17th 2019 however.
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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Oct 18, 2019


Nassau, Bahamas

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Type

ICAO Type Designator

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