SARPA JS31 at Bahia Solano on Aug 7th 2019, runway excursion

Last Update: January 27, 2021 / 21:18:48 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Aug 7, 2019


Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

A SARPA Servicios Aéreos Panamericanos SAS British Aerospace Jetstream JS-3200, registration HK-4540 performing a flight from Quibdo to Bahia Solano (Colombia) with 18 passengers and 2 crew, landed on Bahia Solano's runway 36 but veered left off the runway and came to a stop in rough terrain with the nose gear collapsed. There were no injuries.

No weather data are available.

Bahia Solano features a runway 18/36, length 1200 meters/3940 feet, width 30 meters/100 feet, no instrument procedures are published in Colombia's AIP.

Colombia's GRIAA released their final report in Spanish only (Editorial note: to serve the purpose of global prevention of the repeat of causes leading to an occurrence an additional timely release of all occurrence reports in the only world spanning aviation language English would be necessary, a Spanish only release does not achieve this purpose as set by ICAO annex 13 and just forces many aviators to waste much more time and effort each in trying to understand the circumstances leading to the occurrence. Aviators operating internationally are required to read/speak English besides their local language, investigators need to be able to read/write/speak English to communicate with their counterparts all around the globe).

The GRIAA concluded the probable causes of the accident were:

Lateral runway excursion as result of loss of directional control during the landing run caused by the condition of the runway, which was contaminated with slime and puddles causing viscous hydroplaning.

Contributing factors were:

- the poor condition of the runway at Bahia Solano Aerodrome, which features an irregular surface with two types of surface materials, concrete and asphalt, which accumulated moisture and slat in all its extension and thus became slippery.

- poor condition of the safety area of the aerodrome with unevenness and water accumulation, which contributed to the damage of the aircraft during the runway excursion.

- Lack of planning by the operator by not conducting a complete risk analysis to operate on a runway with precarious condition such as Bahia Solano

- Lack of situational awareness by the crew not anticipating and correcting control difficulties during the landing roll.

The GRIAA reported that the aircraft had touched down safely and slowed to about 70 knots, when the crew positioned the props back into the taxi position, when the crew noticed the aircraft began to deviate to the left. The crew applied differential braking and nose wheel steering, however, could not control the deviation due to the polluted and wet runway. The aircraft went off the left edge of the runway and came to a stop about 115 meters before the runway end and about 9.5 meters left of the left edge of the runway on muddy and uneven terrain on a heading of 343 degrees. There were no injuries.

The aircraft sustained substantial damage: the nose gear collapsed causing damage to the avionics bay and the pressurization vessel, the radome was destroyed. Both propellers received dents due to contact with the ground causing both engines to suddenly stop.

The captain (50, ATPL, 12,690 hours total, 1,230 hours on type) was assisted by a first officer (26, CPL, 1,015 hours total, 884 hours on type).

The GRIAA analysed that the aircraft performed a fully stabilized approach at Vref+15 (=128 KIAS) consistent with the landing weight of 14,998 lbs. Once on the ground the crew applied the usual techniques and procedures to slow the aircraft including using reverse on both engines and normal braking. At low speed, at and below 47 knots over ground, the aircraft began to veer left which was not anticipated by the crew although knowing the features and current slippery state of the runway.
Incident Facts

Date of incident
Aug 7, 2019


Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

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