Emirates A388 at London and Manchester on Feb 8th 2019, fuel emergency

Last Update: February 15, 2019 / 18:33:44 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Feb 8, 2019


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Type
Airbus A380-800

ICAO Type Designator

An Emirates Airbus A380-800, registration A6-EDL performing flight EK-15 from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to London Gatwick,EN (UK), was on final approach to Gatwick's runway 26L at 11:56L (11:56Z) when the crew initiated a go around at about 1300 feet MSL due to weather. The aircraft entered a hold for about 20 minutes, then decided to divert to Manchester,EN (UK) and declared emergency due to low fuel. The aircraft landed safely on Manchester's runway 23R about 65 minutes after the go around.

The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground in Manchester for 27 hours, then continued flight EK-15 to Gatwick reaching Gatwick with a delay of about 28.5 hours.

On Feb 15th 2019 the UK AAIB reported the occurrence was rated a serious incident (editorial note: signifying the aircraft landed with less than the required fuel reserve), an investigation was opened. The AAIB wrote: "During diversion to AD Manchester / Int'l for meteorological conditions, crew declared a fuel emergency MAYDAY."

Metars Gatwick:
EGKK 081320Z 20018G28KT 3000 RADZ BKN008 OVC015 10/09 Q0998=
EGKK 081250Z 20019G33KT 6000 -RA BKN011 10/09 Q0998=
EGKK 081220Z 20020G34KT 8000 -RADZ OVC010 10/09 Q0999=
EGKK 081150Z 20021G31KT 9999 -RA BKN013 BKN020 10/08 Q0999=
EGKK 081120Z 21019G30KT 170V230 8000 -RADZ BKN013 OVC020 10/08 Q1000 REDZ=
EGKK 081050Z 21017KT 9999 BKN012 10/08 Q1000=
EGKK 081020Z 20017G30KT 160V230 9999 BKN012 10/08 Q1001=
EGKK 080950Z 20018G30KT 170V240 9999 OVC011 10/08 Q1002=
EGKK 080920Z 20018G30KT 9999 BKN010 OVC020 09/08 Q1002=
EGKK 080850Z 20016KT 170V230 9000 -RA BKN011 09/08 Q1003=
EGKK 080820Z 20015G29KT 5000 -RADZ BR BKN008 OVC020 09/08 Q1003=
EGKK 080750Z 21015G27KT 170V270 4500 -RADZ BR BKN009 OVC015 09/08 Q1003=

Metars Manchester:
COR EGCC 081420Z 22018G33KT 150V240 9999 SCT038 11/03 Q0985 NOSIG=
COR EGCC 081350Z 22016KT 9999 FEW035 SCT045 11/04 Q0985 NOSIG=
COR EGCC 081320Z 21016KT 180V240 9999 FEW030TCU 11/05 Q0985 NOSIG=
COR EGCC 081250Z AUTO 21018G29KT 180V240 9999 FEW033/// //////CB 11/06 Q0986 NOSIG=
COR EGCC 081220Z AUTO 20012KT 150V230 9999 SCT014/// BKN020/// //////CB 11/08 Q0986 NOSIG=
COR EGCC 081150Z AUTO 19013G25KT 150V220 9999 -RA BKN010/// OVC021/// //////TCU 10/08 Q0986 BECMG SCT010=
COR EGCC 081120Z AUTO 19012G22KT 130V210 9999 -RA BKN014 BKN018 OVC023 10/07 Q0986 TEMPO RA=
COR EGCC 081050Z AUTO 18011G24KT 9999 FEW016 SCT021 BKN026 10/07 Q0986 NOSIG=
COR EGCC 081020Z AUTO 18012KT 130V200 9999 -RA FEW025 SCT032 BKN044 10/07 Q0987 NOSIG=
COR EGCC 080950Z AUTO 18012KT 9999 -RA SCT019 BKN029 BKN035 09/07 Q0988 NOSIG=
COR EGCC 080920Z AUTO 20012KT 150V230 9999 -RA BKN013 BKN023 09/07 Q0989 TEMPO RA=
COR EGCC 080850Z AUTO 18011G24KT 110V220 9999 -RA SCT030 BKN039 09/06 Q0989 TEMPO RA=
COR EGCC 080820Z AUTO 18012KT 150V220 9999 -RA SCT031 BKN039 BKN049 09/06 Q0990 TEMPO RA=
COR EGCC 080750Z AUTO 18010KT 130V220 9999 -RA FEW030 BKN039 09/06 Q0991 TEMPO RA=
Incident Facts

Date of incident
Feb 8, 2019


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Type
Airbus A380-800

ICAO Type Designator

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