Atlantic Southeast CRJ9 at Westchester on Sep 25th 2010, could not extend right hand main gear

Last Update: July 4, 2018 / 21:07:12 GMT/Zulu time

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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Sep 25, 2010


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An Atlantic Southeast Airlines Canadair CRJ-900 on behalf of Delta Airlines, registration N133EV performing flight EV-951/DL-4951 from Atlanta,GA to Westchester County,NY (USA) with 60 passengers and 4 crew, was on final approach to Westchester's runway 34 when the crew aborted the approach and requested vectors so that they could work a checklist. 5 minutes later the crew reported they had gear problems and did not want to land in Westchester with that gear problem. The crew decided to divert to New York's JFK Airport,NY, where the aircraft landed on runway 31R without right main gear about 45 minutes after aborting the approach to Westchester. The airplane skidded to a stop on the runway on nose and left main gear and the right wing, the aircraft was evacuated. No injuries occurred.

The passengers were bussed to Westchester.

The NTSB reported on Sep 28th that the airplane landed with the right hand main landing gear in the fully retracted position.

The FAA had released Airworthiness Directive 2010-13-05 effective by Jun 23rd 2010 warning, that using the alternate gear extension system full landing gear extension might not be achieved on CRJ7 and CRJ9 aircraft unless corrective action as lined out in the AD is being taken. Investigation had shown that during pressurization and depressurization of the aircraft in flight the pressure floor in the main landing gear bay deflects by a small extent. This creates a relative misalignment with the alternate extension system bypass valve, the downlock assist valve and the summing lever, which can result in damage or failure of the associated clevis attached to one or both valves.

According to inside information received on Oct 1st 2010 (confirmed in 2018 by the factual report by the NTSB) there is no link to the AD, the cause of this occurrence was similiar to the Accident: Mesa Airlines CRJ7 at Chicago on Dec 15th 2008, unsafe left main gear.

On Jun 28th 2018 the NTSB released their factual report reporting: "The on-scene examination found/determined that the right MLG door was caught inside the right fuselage wheel fairing and was jammed. "

The NTSB then performed tests: "During the investigation of the incident a landing gear "swing" test was conducted. With the airplane lifted off the floor, the right main landing gear was released from the wheel fairing. The gear swung to a down and locked condition. The airplane's landing gear was then cycled, and when commanded up using the flight deck landing gear handle, the right main gear again became jammed inside the fuselage wheel fairing. When the gear was then commanded down, the right main gear would not extend."

The NTSB further stated: "On 18 October 2010 Transport Canada issued Airworthiness Directive CF-2010-36, Subject "Main Landing Gear Door – Fairing Seal Interference", Applicable to Bombardier, Inc. Models CL-600-2C10 (serial numbers 10003 and subsequent) and CL-600-2D15 and CL-600-2D24, (serial numbers 15001 and subsequent). The AD was effective upon receipt."

On Jul 4th 2018 the NTSB released their final report concluding the probable cause was:

The probable cause of the incident was the restriction of the right main landing gear door against the fuselage wheel well body fairing which prevented the extension of the right main landing gear.
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Incident Facts

Date of incident
Sep 25, 2010


Flight number

Aircraft Registration

ICAO Type Designator

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