FAA reminds operators to enhance measures to deal with odours, smoke and fumes

Last Update: March 27, 2018 / 17:59:05 GMT/Zulu time

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The FAA have released a Safety Alert For Operators (SAFO) "to identify a need to enhance flight crew procedures that mitigate the risk to passengers and crew in the event of odors, smoke and/or fumes."

The FAA reasons:

Background: In-flight odor, smoke and/or fume events can occur without overt visual and/or olfactory cues. To mitigate adverse health consequences to passengers and crew, prompt and decisive action is critical.

Discussion: Air carriers should ensure their procedures and checklists specifically address recognition, differentiation and mitigation of odors, smoke and/or fumes in the cabin and/or flight deck. Odors, smoke and/or fumes may be introduced to the cabin atmosphere as a result of aircraft equipment malfunction/failure or by inadvertent or intentional actions. While the presence of an odor alone does not necessarily require crew action or medical response, events involving odor, smoke and/or fumes require targeted and timely action to protect aircraft occupants.

The FAA recommends: "Operators, under their existing Safety Management System structure, should review their company’s odor, smoke and/or fumes procedures to ensure they address benign odor events as well as toxic odor, smoke and/or fumes, in an expeditious manner to limit exposure of passengers and crew."
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